Logo for Let's Bounce (Poplar Bluff, MO), Illustrator drawing, 2009

Lightning Bugs, Acrylic with Glow-in-the-Dark paint on Panels, 2009

Mr. Wetherster, Digital photo manipulation, 2009

Disencumber, Stop Motion Directed and produced by Billy and Corey Welch, 2007

They live in Woodberry Yard, 2008

Bacon, 2008

Self, 2008 David, 2008

Logo for David Lucas Vox Site, 2008

Design for Band, The Great Dead Heart,2007

Possum Swing, 2008

Plane Crash Near Groundhog Alley, 2007

Groundhog Outsider, 2006

From Groundhog Alley: One Wolf Band, 2006

From Groundhog Alley: Hat Man, 2006

From Groundhog Alley: Abby, 2006

Uprooting Ties of a Confederated Creature (Uncomfortable), 2008

Self Manipulation, 2008

AbKnob, 2008

Cole's Girl, 2007

Transcendental Root 2 ( Bomb Pop), 2008